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Star Trek 1.20 (Court-Martial)

First Aired: February 2, 1967

Percy Rodriguez (Commodore Stone)
Elisha Cook Jr. (Samuel T. Cogley)
Joan Marshall (Lt. Areel Shaw)
Hagan Beggs (Lt. Hansen)
Win de Lugo (Timothy)
Alice Rawlings (Jamie Finney)
Nancy Wong (Personnel Officer)
William Meader (Space Command Rep. Lindstrom)
Bart Conrad (Captain Krasnowsky)
Reginald Lal Singh (Captain Chandra)
Richard Webb (Lt. Commander Benjamin Finney)

Writer: Stephen W. Carabatsos & Don M. Mankiewicz

This episode is filmed on many of the same sets as The Menagerie, and indeed they were filmed next to each other. On the original video release, they released them in production order not transmission order. Next to each other it all looked rather cheap, but luckily this far apart it works fine.
The story is a little similar as well – Kirk is being Court-Martialled again (which at a brief glance looks like a continuity error, as Commodore Stone says this has never happened to a Starfleet Captain before. But then the man holding the court martial in The Menagerie was not real anyway)
It starts badly with a screaming family member blaming Kirk. She just needed a slap. And it gets worse when we find out that the prosecutor at the trial turns out to be one of Kirks old shags.
I did like Kirks attorney, Samuel Cogley. The guys never uses a computer and we see a room with books just strewn everywhere. There is something endearing – and very feasible – about a man living in the 23rd Century who rejects the modern world in favour of good old fashioned paper. I imagine there wouldn’t be many of them but somehow I just warmed to him.
As episodes go this one is standard fair. That is not to say the idea 0f a court based drama cannot work on an episode of Star Trek, as was proven in the second season of ST:TNG with The Measure of a Man. The end is a bit of a cop out – the person who allegedly died faked it to get revenge on Kirk for an earlier incident. Oh, but didn’t tell his daughter. Git.
Oh, and the “white sound device” that McCoy uses towards the end of the episode is highly shite. It is literally a microphone with some red sticky tape around it.
Oh, and in the big fight at the end Kirks shirt gets ripped. Again. I need to start looking at where they ripped – it is possible they have two or three standard ripped shirts. On this one, the right shoulder is ripped, hanging down at the front, although the black collar band is intact. The rip reveals all the shoulder and right pecs. If I see it again, I shall refer to this shirt as Ripped Shirt #1.
Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 25
Score: 6/10

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