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Star Trek 1.21 (Return of the Archons)

First Aired: February 9, 1967

Ralph Maurer (Bilar)
Christopher Held (Crewman Lindstrom)
Morgan Farley (Hacom)
Charles Macaulay (Landru)
Sid Haig (First Lawgiver)
Brioni Farrell (Tula)
Torin Thatcher (Marplon)
Harry Townes (Reger)
Writer: Boris Sobelman
The episode starts with an officer called O’Neil running away from what looks like a pair of Ori from Stargate SG1. I checked, but I had indeed put the correct disc in.
It was a bad start. The planet looks rather like Earth from the past, so the main cast get to wear historical Earth costumes and walk around what looks like the same back lot that Miri was filmed in. Then everyone starts banging on about The Red Hour. Which is at exactly six o’clock, and we see the clock. So they even have the same clocks as we do, and presumably 24 hour days.
I can remember most episodes of the classic Star Trek series. Yet somehow, this one had vanished into the murky recesses of my brain. (I read the blurb on the sleeve notes, and that really didn’t help either. I had a thought in my mind that it might be the Fizzbin episode, but it wasn’t). Now they are going on about Landru all the time. I think it’s coming back to me – this is the first episode about a crappy supercomputer.
The hooded guys (The Ori-alike) speak with echoey voices likes computers. They kill people. They keep going on about Landru. It is starting to piss me off.
I really struggled with this. I kept losing interest (oh the dangers of having an internet connection nearby when watching a crap episode) and had to start again three times! (I only bothered because I didn’t want to miss any crew deaths. Not that there were any in the first half!)
Well, nearly two hours later (what with the rewatches) yes it turned out to be a shitty computer. This is one of the worst pieces of crap that I have watched so far!
Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 25
Score: 3/10

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  1. It’s here where we learn the difference between classic, and plain old. There are some great and original episoes in this season, but this is just not one of them.

    Comment by will.i.am | October 1, 2012 | Reply

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