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Star Trek 1.29 (Operation — Annihilate!)


Joan Swift (Aurelan Kirk)
Maurishka Taliferro (Yeoman Zahra Jamal)
Craig Hundley (Peter Kirk)
Fred Carson (Denevan #1)
Jerry Catron (Denevan #2)
Writer: Stephen W. Carabatsos
Because of the modern days of television where the season ends on either a massive finale or a huge cliffhanger, there is somehow something slightly unsatisfying about this episode. I understand that I am applying a modern day sensibility onto this episode, so for the purposes of this review we will look at it as just another episode.
This is the first time that we have seen the family of any of the regulars as far as I recall – Shatner has an uncredited cameo as the corpse of his brother George. The people of whatever planet they are on are on the path of some form of insanity, so they visit the planet in the hope of preventing whatever has been going on, but when they get there it has already arrived.
Spock gets infected by the same alien species, and this is the first part that I don’t like about this episode. Rather than persuading Kirk to let him go back to the planet (on the grounds that no further people are at risk since he is already infected) he tries to pull a gun on Scotty and force him to beam him down, a sign (to me anyway) that he is not himself.
Kirk ends up in a situation where he may have to kill the million colonists to prevent further spread of the madness, but of course we all know that he manages to defeat the aliens and save the day. So it is very average indeed – an obvious ending to a rather obvious story.
Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 26
Score: 5/10

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