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Star Trek 2.2 (Who mourns for Adonais?)

John Winston (Lt. Kyle)
Leslie Parrish (Lt. Carolyn Palamas)

Michael Forest (Apollo)

Writers: Gene L. Coon, Gilbert A. Ralston

This episode is well remembered, although arguably not as one of the absolute classic episodes. I think the shot of the Enterprise being held in space by a giant hand is an enduring image from this series, although I would expect most people may not be sure what else happens in the episode.
Well, not much as it happens. Apollo brings some of the crew down to tell them that they have to dismantle the Enterprise, and beam down to the planet and worship him. Everyone thinks this is a rotten idea – everyone except anotehr weak willed female member of the crew, Carolyn Palamas (who Scotty has a thing for) who falls for Apollo. I find this very annoying and rather unlikely, just like the woman who fell for Kahn in Space Seed. I hate the way they feel they have to include these pathetic female characters who fall for someone poweful even though they are obviosuly dodgy. Palamas ultimately makes up for it and is instrumental in saving the day, but I just don’t believe that she would have fallen for him in the first place.
I also was annoyed by the sexism towards the females in this show – McCoy comments that Palamas will leave the service when she finds the right man – the idea that she could marry and stay in StarFleet just doesn’t enter his head. This is clearly sixties thinking, so is less annoying than the previous point, but it still rankles a little.
This episode is also rather cheap. There are the Enterprise sets (and all we really see is the bridge) and the planet (which is basically Apollo’s temple and a few shrubs) and that is all we see.
The notion at the end that perhaps this was the real Apollo is quite interesting, although I feel that Kirk accepts this idea rather too easily. For all he knows this could have just been another Squire of Gothos, especially as he is defeated in exactly the same way, the destruction of a “hidden” power source.
It really isn’t that original even for early Star Trek.
Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 26
Score: 5/10

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