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Star Trek 2.10 (Journey to Babel)


Jane Wyatt (Amanda)
William O’Connell (Thelev)
John Wheeler (Gav)
James X. Mitchell (Lt. Josephs)
Reggie Nalder (Shras)
Writer: D.C. Fontana
I am such a geek. I like this episode for a number of reasons: firstly, of course, the wonderful Mark Lenard as Sarek (Spock’s father) and all the aliens. Some of them are not created that well (the pig like Tellarites for example) what it lacks in visuals it has in plot, which more than makes up for it.
Talking of Tellarites, the first one killed was executed using a Vulcan method called “Tal Shaya” (I don’t know if the subtitles are spelled correctly, but that is how it is spelled in the subtitles). Now, the Romulan secret service is called the “Tal Shiar.” Probably a coincidence, but I enjoyed that nonetheless.
I like the set up as well – Kirk gets attacked and unable to command, Sarek gets ill and only a blood transfusion from Spock will save him, but because of all of the crap going on aboard the ship, Spock believes that his duties as commander of the ship are more important than his fathers life. McCoy and Kirk manage to pull a fast one and trick Spock into thinking that Kirk is okay, but then, during the delicate operation the Enterprise is attacked and it all nearly goes wrong.
It’s good stuff, and I am so glad that on the strength of this performance alone we get to see Sarek a further five times – in three of the films as well as two episodes of The Next Generation. Cracking!
Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 33
Score: 8/10

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  1. I loved this episode. Leonard Nimoy and Mark Lenard are the only two actors I have though were able to play convincing Vulcans. The others have all seemed like they were severely constipated. I’m not sure, though, about Amanda’s opinion that the Vulcan way is a better way than ours. My understanding – and I’m not sure if this was established at this point – was that Vulcans suppress their emotions because they have to. It saved their society. Therefore it makes little sense for other species to do the same. It’s also weird that the Vulcan children would be so crude as to tease a half-Vulcan. Is it logical that a half-human is necessarily inferior? At this point I think the Vulcan children are described as undergoing rigorous training to suppress their emotions.

    There are several excellent scenes in this episode, but one of my favorites is Sarek’s total verbal smackdown of the Tellarite ambassador, followed by his almost casual opening of a can of whoopass on the same Tellarite shortly after he’s figuratively torn him a new asshole.

    Comment by Joe Dick | January 17, 2009 | Reply

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