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Star Trek 2.14 (Wolf in the Fold)

John Fiedler (Commissioner Hengist)
Charles Macaulay (Jaris)
Pilar Seurat (Sybo)
Charles Dierkop (Morla)
Joseph Bernard (Tark)
Tania Lemani (Kara)
Virginia Aldridge (Lt. Karen Tracy)
Judith McConnell (Yeoman Tankris)
Judi Sherven (Nurse)
Writer: Robert Bloch
This is one of the few episodes that concentrates on a character outside of the big three – yes, the (almost) fourth main character, finally gets an episode that is all about him.  About him, although he is hardly in it!
The main thrust of the story is that there has been an accident in engineering that was caused by a woman, so to avoid Scotty having, as a result of the accident, hatred of women, McCoy and Kirk take him to a planet where there are lots of pretty women who do lots of exotic dancing.  So, the sexism of the time the show was made is superimposed onto this story.  I mean, if the accident has been caused by an african member of the crew would they have behaved the same way?  Also, later on Spock states that women are more easily and completely terrified then men.  Please.
Anyhow, the BS psychology means that when a woman is murdered, Scotty is automatically the prime suspect, although the knife also does have his fingerprints on it.
It then looks as though it is going to be a crappy trial episode, but luckily the trial brings up some more evidence that the murders are actually being done by an evil entity that is travelling around causing people to kill.  In fact it appears that it influenced Jack The Ripper to kill.  Hmm.
It goes on, and they manage to identify that whatever it was controlling Jack went into space when man went into space, and it turns out that the killer is inhabiting the body of Hengist, who is prosecuting Scotty.  The episode picks up a bit at this point, when the entity shows that it can exist as well in the ships computer as a human body, although it would have been more scary if the actor hadn’t had such a high pitched voice that when called upon to cry “kill, kill” he just sounded comic.
So, started badly and got better.
Crew Deaths: 1
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 40
Score: 6/10 

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