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Star Trek 2.16 (The Gamesters of Triskellion)

Joseph Ruskin(Galt)
Angelique Pettyjohn(Shahna)
Steve Sandor (Lars)
Jane Ross(Tamoon)
Victoria George(Ensign Jana Haines)
Dick Crockett(Andorian Thrall)
Mickey Morton(Kloog)

Writer: Margaret Armen

This is another of those very formulaic episodes of the original series and also, because the three character involved are three of the regulars, there is very little threat.  Basically, Kirk, Uhura and Checkov, whilst beaming down to a planet, are snatched just before they are transported by a far more advanced transporter and whisked to the planet Triskellion, where they are forced to fight for the enjoyment of “The Providers”.  There are people of many other races there.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise cannot trace the missing crew at all.  Spock figures out where they must be as a beam of energy of a type never before encountered is tracked to a trinary star system (we have already established earlier on that Triskellion is such a star system).

Back on Triskellion, the three crew members have to fight and train.  To reproduce, they have arranged relationships that are functional and there to create offspring.  They don’t know about love, but of course Kirk introduces a certain green haired lady to the concept.  It is one of the much ridiculed moments on the run of this show, and it is quite awful.

The creatures that we eventually see are these kind of brains in jars, and they are running things.  They look very similar to three brains in jars that we see in an original Doctor Who episode called The Keys of Marinus (1964) and I find it hard to believe that someone in the Trek universe had not seen them, as the look is very similar indeed!

Kirks final fight for freedom is watched by all on the Enterprise on the viewscreen.  Very similar to the season one episode Arena.  Since you know that Kirk will win, again it removes any tension.

Very dull, it was hard to stay focussed on this when it was on.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 40
Score: 3/10


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