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Star Trek 2.18 (The Immunity Syndrome)




Writer: Robert Sabaroff

I am sitting here watching this episode and I am finding it hard to write anything about it.  My first thoughts were that it seems a lot more serious than anything we have seen recently – the opening scenes tell us that a StarFleet vessel manned by 400 Vulcans is destroyed, and there are no life forms in the solar system that it was exploring.  In the space where the Vulcan vessel should have been is this black void.  They enter the void, and slowly but surely the life signs of everyone aboard the vessel are getting weaker and weaker.  The power is being drained from the Enterprise, and something is mucking about with the laws of physics – when they try to reverse out, they lurch even further forward into the void.  So they try a forward burst, with all the power they can muster.  All this does is enable them to hold their position.

Something about this is reminding me of the second season Next Generation episode Where Silence has Lease – the fact that they are trapped in a void and nothing they seem to try is working.  Until they come across an enormous, amoeba like thing hanging inside the void, which appears to be the source of the energy drain. 

This is a really odd episode.  Rather like the aforementioned Where Silence Has Lease this episode also is almost without a soul.  It is very had to get into it – even when Kirk has to choose between Spock and McCoy to go on (what we know isn’t) a suicide mission in a shuttle to try and get more information it is hard to care.  This is possibly because we know that whoever goes will be alive at the end.  Spock finds out that the thing is about to reproduce.  Which means that there will be two absorbing energy from the universe, then four and so on.

Of course they do destroy the thing and (literally) everyone survives.

This is one of the rare episodes that I feel totally ambivalent about.  It is not good, it is not bad.  It is a bit dull in places, it fails to grab you whilst at the same time it just about keeps your attention.  It has very little humour, and very little sense of real threat.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 40
Score: 5/10


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