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Star Trek 2.21 (Patterns of Force)

Ralph Maurer (S.S. Lieutenant)
Gilbert Green (S.S. Major)
Chuck Courtney(Davod)
William Wintersole(Abrom)
Patrick Horgan(Eneg)
David Brian (John Gill)
Skip Homeier(Melakon)
Valora Noland(Daras)
Richard Evans (Isak)
Peter Canon (Gestapo Lieutenant)

Writer: John Meredyth Lucas

Oh God here we go again.  I really liked the episode before this, but Patterns of Force more than makes up for it.  This episode is about a culture that has managed to get greater technology than they should have had and also they are mimicking an earth culture – in this case, Nazi Germany.

I don’t know what to say other than this is a complete load of rubbish.  It seems like a mix of bits of other episodes, all mixed up.  It is also not very subtle – the neighbouring planet is called “Zion” of something like that, and all the names of the characters are just jewish names with the odd letter changed – Isak, Davod, Abrom and so forth.

There is lots of running around and getting captured and escaping anf getting captured again, and the way that Kirk and company manage to get through the security of the Nazi HQ by pretending to be a camera crew filming proceedings.

I don’t know what else to say.  The original idea – that they have to find a Federation observer who has gone missing – gets lost quite quickly, even though it is quickly revealed that this man is the Fuhrer, but being kept drugged and just used a a figurehead.  And the way everyone turns at the end, the kind of “I can’t believe how we have been behaving but we’re bloody well going to stop it at once” is just drivel.

This episode has, due to the content, never been shown in Germany.  Lucky Germany.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 40
Score: 2/10


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  1. I’m a french fan of the actor Gilbert Green. I’m looking for the adress of his fan club. Can you help me?

    Comment by GARDAS | January 4, 2009 | Reply

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