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Star Trek 2.23 (The Omega Glory)

Morgan Woodward (Capt. Ronald Tracey)
Roy Jenson (Cloud William)
Irene Kelly(Sirah)
Morgan Farley (Yang Scholar)
Lloyd Kino (Wu)
Frank Atienza (Executioner)

Writer:  Gene Roddenberry

You know what, I am getting pretty fed up of seeing primitive civilisations, either ones based on earth cultures or not.  This time round, the Enterprise comes across an empty ship, the USS Exeter.  They beam across and find all the crew are dead, and that they are infected so cannot return to the Enterprise.  So they beam down to the surface of the planet, and find the Captain of the Exeter, Ron Tracey, who has realised that something in the planet keeps humans alive a long longer than they would normally – Tracey thinks if McCoy can find out what it is, they will have the Fountain of Youth

As McCoy investigates, he finds out that if the Exeter crew had simply stayed on the surface of the planet they would have built up a natural immunity and survived.

Tracey is mental.  There is no way someone would end up behaving like this – they must psychologically profile every captain to make sure there is nothing in his past or behaviour that could make him do this.  He won’t let anyone beam back to the Enterprise, and he insists that Kirk supplies him weapons for the war that he is involved in.

Something else odd has happened.  I don’t think Scotty is aboard, because Sulu is acting Captain with Kirk not there.  This stands out, because he has been in hardly any episodes this season, and now suddenly he is back.

Oh, and then the crap revelation of parallel development.  One side is called the Yangs (yankees) and the others something based on the American Indians.  When one of the Yangs walks in with a Stars and Stripes and the incidental music goes all “land of the free” the rubbish score I was going to give this episode plummeted.  They even have their own constitution which is almost word for word the same as the American one.  Oh, and they have a Holy Bible with a picture of Satan which looks almost exactly like Spock.  I think I have lost the will to live.

So then Kirk has to fight Ron Tracey.  Can you guess who wins?

Utter crap.  The worst yet, which is a shame as the first ten minutes were quite promising.

Crew Deaths: 1
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 42
Score: 0.5/10


April 19, 2008 - Posted by | primitive cultures, rogue captains |


  1. I love the beginning of the story (a plague that painfully dehydrates people), but once they bring in the ‘parallel development’ gibber, pro-America or not, it’s grating.

    Remove the topical garbage and one can still have the cool sci-fi, captain-gone-rogue with Tracy, et al, and be better than what it should be.

    Sulu was filming ‘The Green Berets’ if I recall the movie title, which is why he’s gone for a lot of season 2…

    Comment by DPC | May 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. Definitely better viewing than Starship Farragut and the soon to be released Ajax.

    Comment by Francis Winston | September 27, 2011 | Reply

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