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Star Trek 3.8 (For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky)

Katherine Woodville(Natira)
Byron Morrow(Adm. Westervliet)

Writer: Hendrik Vollaerts

Oooh, within six weeks of the last one we have another asteroid heading for an inhabited planet!  Only this time it is hollow and people live inside the asteroid.  Oh, and McCoy has a terminal disease ( he has a year to live).

Now, I have no problem with the idea that a major character has a terminal illness.  The problem is that in this show you know that it is thrown in arbitrarily.  They will not deal with the consequences if the illness over many episodes: you know that McCoy will be cured by the end of the show.  Which eliminates any threat at all.

So Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to this asteroid (which is really a spaceship) and the people who live there don’t realise that is what it is.  Initially treated with suspicion, they are soon allowed to roam freely,  McCoy falls in love (very quickly indeed) with Natira, and admits that he has had a lonely life.  I suppose that it is nice that McCoy gets something to do, it is just that it all seems to spur of the moment, it doesn’t seem real that he would fall in love et al so quickly.  He decides to stay, even after Spock and Kirk are sentenced to death for entering the Oracle control room.

The main problem with this episode is that the planet appears to be run by a(nother) supercomputer called The Oracle.  The people have control devices placed inside them, and it seems that people are executed when they break the laws (although you get the impression that this doesn’t happen too often).  McCoy pleas for the lives of his friends, and they are allowed to leave, McCoy remains, even though the ship is on a collision course for another planet.  As he explains to Kirk, in a line I actually like, “I’m on a kind of collision course myself”.  He even agrees to have the control device in his body.

It plods on.  The end is nothing special, they stop the computer and fly the thing off course so there will be no collision.  McCoy gets his cure.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 45
Score: 6/10  


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