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Star Trek 3.16 (The Mark of Gideon)

Richard Derr (Adm. Fitzgerald)
Gene Dynarski(Krodak)
David Hurst(Hodin)
Sharon Acker(Odona)

Writers: Stanley Adams, George F. Slavin

Oh dear, well we have another bottle show here (well, there are a couple of non regulars and one extra set) but basically the majority of the action is confined to the Enterprise, as well as an identical copy of it.

The plot is a load of mumbo jumbo.  Kirk has been given permission to beam down to a planet that does not like visitors – so he is the only crewmember that has been given permission to beam down.  However, he does not arrive (as intended) in the council chambers, but on the Enterprise, albeit with no crew.  We know it is a copy, as the action switched back to the Enterprise where the leaders tell Spock that Kirk never arrived.  It then becomes a battle for permission to beam down – which is declined – to have a look for him.

On the fake Enterprise, Kirk meets a woman.  She does not know the name of the planet she is from, and Kirk soon works out that they are not on the real Enterprise.

So here is what is really going on: the planet has so many people that there is literally no room for anything.  We see people just milling about, all jammed in close together, with no personal space.  So if this is the case, where the hell do all these people get their food and water from?  Surely they would all starve?  And they want Kirk because he has an illness that can be used to thin out the population, to which Kirk suggests that they use contraceptives (although that would take a rather long time to work as they have very long lives on this world).  And how come they had enough space to create a mock Enterprise?

This is dreadful, pure and simple.  The plot is not thought through, and it does rather look as though the show has run out of money.  There has been a run of bad episode recently, and perhaps the American audience felt the same, because there were only another eight shows broadcast before the show was cancelled.  It is a shame, this was once a great show, but it has become a shadow of its former self.  In fact the only reason that I am motivated to watch those remaining eight shows is that I have a (largely) excellent series of films to look forward to.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 46
Score: 3/10


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