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Star Trek 3.19 (Requiem for Methuselah)

James Daly (Flint)
Louise Sorel(Rayna Kapec)

Writer: Jerome Bixby

Yes, we have another piss poor episode as this once great series lurches onwards towards its tragic cancellation.  The premise seems to be okay – the deadly Rigellian Fever is rampant aboard the Enterprise – three crew are already dead, most are infected and things are looking grim.  Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a planet where an unprocessed mineral (Ryetalyn) can be made into a cure, the problem is that the planet is occupied by Flint – and old chap, and Rayner, a girl he claims to have adopted.

Straight off, this episode pisses me off.  The crew are dying, and Flint clearly finds the “relationship” between Rayna and Kirk annoying.  Spock points this out to Kirk – Flint stands in the way of them and the cure but Kirk cannot resist trying to take her away from Flint, even though there is a strong chance it will cost the lives of everyone on the Enterprise.  For Gods sake stop thinking with your libido, man!  Rayner turns out to be an android made for Flint by himself – the reason for this is he is immortal.  (In a nice crossover, the story he tells of the way he didn’t die from an injury sounds exactly what we see in the Highlander films).  It turns out he was Brahms, and Moses, and a lot of other people from history.

He also has very advanced science – in a scene reminiscent of the scene that pissed me off from Catspaw in season two, he shrinks the Enterprise down and sticks it on a table.  And with all of this shit going on, he still tries to take Rayner away from Flint – this time by arguing that she is as human as any real human and thus has the same right to choose.  YOUR WHOLE CREW IS SITTING THERE IN A SHRUNKEN ENTERPRISE DYING IN FRONT OF YOU YOU UTTER TIT.  FORGET HER.

Then, at the end, as Kirk mourns her, Spock erases the pain from his mind with a mind meld.  Without permission.  Aren’t there rules about that sort of thing?

Drivel.  Utter drivel.  Still, not that many to go now!

Crew Deaths: 3
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 52
Score: 2/10


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  1. What bothered me the most about this episode was Flint’s claiming to have been so many of history’s great men. To have made Leonardo, Brahms, and Alexander the Great the same man and an immortal is to downgrade their achievements by saying they could only have done what they did because they were immortal. Already by Alexander’s time Flint would have had the knowledge of thousands of years. To also say that he was King Solomon, Merlin, Methuselah, and Lazarus is even more ridiculous.

    The way he discovered his immortality reminded me of Highlander too, but I wonder why his being ageless requires him to possess this “healing factor,” to be able to regenerate. In his novel “The Boat of a Million Years,” Poul Anderson postulated a slightly more plausible group of “immortals” – men and women who, due to mutation, were ageless but could be killed. By violence, accident, or disease. I’m also not sure why Flint’s immortality would necessarily make him so much stronger than Kirk.

    Flint says that before he discovered his immortality, he was “a fool.” Although it’s possible he could have been a genius and a fool at the same time, I got the impression that his genius was the result of millennia of education. He could not have produced the work of Da Vinci or Brahms were he an ordinary man, and not a genius. Besides, even the greatest minds build on what came before them. I think he even such a colossal, arrogant ass as Newton admitted that.

    As for Kirk’s trying to steal Rayna away, it seemed to me not so much that he was thinking with his dick as that he figured it was a way to turn the tables on Flint and get what he wanted. How Rayna dies is interesting because I think it must have been the basis for the “cascade failure” problem Data (and Soong at first) encountered in his attempt to build his android daughter Lal.

    Considering they are friends, I think that Spock was probably doing the right thing in altering Kirk’s memory without permission. I didn’t buy that Kirk could have been so affected by Rayna’s death, but I guess he had. I remember Picard saying that his unwillingness to use Hugh to hurt the Borg may have been the moral thing to do but not the right thing to do. Spock may have chosen to do the correct or at least necessary (and therefore logical) thing even though he knew it to be morally wrong.

    Comment by Joe Dick | January 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. You’re a real cunt.

    Comment by Joe Dick | January 17, 2009 | Reply

  3. Oops, wrong forum. Delete that last one please!

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  4. I guess I was right. You *are* a cunt. Of the highest order. Erasing comments? I guess when they make you look so incredibly stupid.

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  5. What the hell is going on here?!

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  6. If you ever see them, you can erase those negative comments. I’m just not sure what’s going on here – why aren’t my comments appearing except when I post a new one under my name? If I enter my information and post something new, my other comments become visible. Otherwise, they can’t be seen.

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