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Star Trek 3.20 (The Way to Eden)

Phyllis Douglas (Girl Hippie)
Deborah Downey(Mavig)
Victor Brandt(Tongo Rad)
Mary Linda Rapelye(Irina Galliulin)
Elizabeth Rogers (Lt. Palmer)
Charles Napier (Adam)
Skip Homeier(Dr. Thomas Sevrin)

Writer: D.C. Fontana, Arthur Heinemann

Oh for Gods sake.  Just when I though this series couldn’t plunge any more depths, we get the hippy episode.  Some hippies have stolen a ship, the Enterprise rescues them from it just before it explodes.  The hippies are trying to find Eden, which Spock claims does not exist.  Because one of them is the son of an ambassador, they are not thrown immediately into the brig.  Also, their leader, Doctor Sevrin, is the carrier of a virulent disease that he neglected to mention.  Luckily all Enterprise crewmen have been inoculated at some point, but McCoy is sure that very few of them have has boosters recently.

There are some extremely crap bits in this episode.  One of the hippies has a crappy guitar thing and keeps breaking into tedious song.  The word “herbert” is a term of abuse, and on many occasions the hippies just sit there chanting herbert.  It is meant to piss Kirk off, which it doesn’t.  However, it pissed me off.  If you ever wanted to prove a non fan someone that this show is as rubbish as they think it is, this is the episode to show them.  They will never watch another episode again.

The hippies are allowed to wonder about everywhere – one even walks into auxiliary control, which you would have though next to the bridge, engineering and the armoury would be one of the most secure places on the ship.  Oh, and Checkov knew one of the hippies at StarFleet Academy.  She tries to talk him out of leaving StarFleet. Spock decides to help them find Eden by doing some research.  But before they find anything, the hippies set about converting Enterprise crew members to their brotherhood.  They do this by singing utterly crap hippy songs at them.  Presumably the tactic was “stop singing and we’ll join”.  The hippies take over auxiliary control and change the course of the ship, and lock the bridge controls out.  It would appear that Eden is in Romulan space, as that is where the ship goes.  When they get to Eden they use ultrasonics to disable the entire ship and escape by stealing a shuttle.  When the Enterprise crew beam down hey!  Guess what!  Eden isn’t a paradise, it’s highly toxic.  The first to die is the cretinous hippy who did all the singing.  Good.  Sevrin eats a piece of fruit and dies.  The others are rescued and they get out of Romulan space before any Romulans turn up.

This is the nadir of this show.  In fact, of all of the other series, I can only think of one episode that I dislike as much as this one (the awful clip show at the end of Season 2 of The Next Generation).  Avoid.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 52
Score: 0/10


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