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Star Trek 3.23 (All our Yesterdays)

Johnny Haymer (The Constable)
Stan Barrett (The Jailer)
Al Cavens (Fop #2)
Anna Karen (Woman)
Ed Bakey (Fop #1)
Ian Wolfe(Mr. Atoz)
Mariette Hartley(Zarabeth)
Kermit Murdock (The Prosecutor)

Writer: Jean Lisette Aroeste

Well, two from the end and we have an episode that isn’t bad.  It isn’t great, but it is a damned site better than anything we have seen for a while.

A sun is about to go nova, and the planet that orbits it (Sarpedion) has sent it’s population into the past of the planet to escape the disaster.  Each person could choose the period of Sarpedion history that they went back into.  When Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to the planet, the last person there (who sent all the others back) thinks the Enterprise crew are stragglers.  Kirk goes back to the equivalent of the sixteenth century, and McCoy and Spock accidentally end up in the Sarpedion ice age.

I won’t pretend that it is great, but there are moments that I like.  The fact that Kirk is rescued from almost certain execution as a witch by someone from the future who is also living in the past is quite nice.  The fact that Spock starts to revert to behave like contemporary Vulcans from that time period (5,000 years ago) is quite well handled for this show given the state it is now in.  He doesn’t very violent (just mildly!) and considering they could have had him revert to an animal state (complete with snarling and foaming at the mouth!) I thank heaven for small mercies.  There is one tired Trek cliche in that the guardian of the library seems to have made two identical copies of himself for no apparent reason.

Of course they all find their way back just in time and the Enterprise does get out of the solar system just before the sun goes nova.  But we finally have an episode that isn’t so bad – and it could have been.  I was not so keen on the segments showing Kirk in the past, but the bits with Spock and McCoy were quite good (they meet with another person from the future.  A couple of books suggest that perhaps Spock fathered a child at this point, but it ain’t cannon if it isn’t in the show).

So, a slight return to form.  And only one to go!

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 52
Score: 6/10


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