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Star Trek: The Next Generation 1.9 (Hide and Q)

John de Lancie (Q)
William A. Wallace (Older Wesley)
Elaine Nalee (Klingon Survivor)

Writers: Gene Roddenberry, C.J. Holland

This episode is so crap I won’t go into too much detail of the “plot” but basically Q turns up, shows an interest in Riker, gives Riker the powers of the Q, and eventually Riker decides he doesn’t want them.

So, it’s a weak premise.  When I started watching this series, I really didn’t like Q.  Eventually they work out what to do with him – in fact, from his next appearance onwards.  But in this he is just a pathetic, immature cretinous turd.

The scenes on the world where they are attacked by, and I quote the episode, “vicious animal things” are just embarrassing.  And then when Riker has his Q powers he starts to change straight away.  Of course someone with those abilities would change over time, but there is no way he would start being disrespectful to Picard that early on.  And the scenes where he gives everyone their greatest wish are just awful.  He gives Worf a mate (the first Klingon we see in this show other than Worf, although she probably doesn’t count as she doesn’t really exist!)  He also makes Wesley ten years older (yawn) and gives Geordi his sight back (and we get a second hint that he fancies Tasha, the first being in The Naked Now).

There are some good ideas – when the Enterprise arrives at the scene of a disaster and they find the body of a small girl just too late – it could have been good, with Riker holding back on using his powers due to his promise to Picard, but it came across as just damned cheesy.

Q’s reason for all of this sort of makes sense – the Q continuum believes that one day man may be a more powerful race than the Q and they want to make Riker a Q so they can understand them.  But the execution is embarrassingly bad.  Even the spectacle of Wesley being run through with a bayonet is not enough to rescue this drivel from the sewer.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 1
Score: 1/10


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  1. The ten-years-older Wesley was bad. Yeah, sure – scrawny, pencil-neck, uber-nerd Wesley is going to grow up into this blond, broad-shouldered, football hero type of guy. No, he’s going to grow up into a scrawny, mousy-brown-haired, pencil-necked uber-nerd.

    Comment by Joe Dick | January 18, 2009 | Reply

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