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Star Trek: The Next Generation 1.13 (Angel One)

Leonard Crofoot (Trent)
Patricia McPherson (Ariel)
Sam Hennings (Ramsey)
Karen Montgomery (Beata)

Writer: Patrick Barry

Right.  Time for me to ‘fess up.  I have had a break from this blog for a while – something I will do from time to time so I don’t have to feel bogged down by it.  But why now, you might ask?  Well, the honest answer is that I took some time off because I dreaded watching this episode.  And why?  Because it’s an absolute stinker.

The premise is that the planet Angel One has opposite sexual charactersistics to what we are used to – the females are dominant, bigger and rule the planet (they will carry young though) and the men are smaller, and dress in revealing clothes.  The Enterprise is there to find out if there are survivors from a Federation freighter that crashed there seven years ago.  Meanwhile, on the Enterprise Wesley and some of his friends go down with a virus that quickly spreads throughout the whole ship.  Picard gets ill (as does Worf, and indeed most people apart from the Doctor, obviously) and Geordi ends up in charge of the ship.

Riker dresses as a native male (and looks like a total tit) and sort of goes on a date with the ruler of the planet.  (Well, they go back to her place and shag).  Eventually they find the survivors and it turns out they are male and high up members of the Angel One government are screwing them and even have families with them.  Eventually it is decided that the survivors should be executed, but of course it doesn’t happen (although there are tense moments when the the Angel One leaders say they will forgo the executions if the men are beamed to the Enterprise, but they cannot due to the virus).

I see what they were trying to do here, but it just doesn’t work.  Perhaps this is because I am male, perhaps a female would better appreciate what this episode is trying to do.  Personally I just found it tacky and embarrassing, perhaps that is the analogy that the writers were trying to draw on about the treatment of women (in the past and perhaps not quite so far in the past).

We also get mentions of Romulan activity along the Neutral Zone, and although we don’t get to see them it is the start of the build up to the end of the season. 

There is too much chest hair and in this episode – both Picard and Riker have a fair rug on them.  But of course, the Angel One men have shaved chests, pushing the female analogy further.  (Meaning shaving conventions, not specifically chest shaving!)

Crap.  Utter crap from start to finish.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 1
Score: 2/10


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