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Star Trek: The Next Generation 1.19 (Heart of Glory)

Vaughn Armstrong(Captain Korris)
Charles Hyman(Lt. Konmel)
David Froman(K’nera)
Robert Bauer(Kunivas)
Brad Zerbst (Nurse)
Dennis Madalone (Ramos)

Writers: Maurice Hurley, Herbert Wright, D.C. Fontana

Three Klingons are found aboard a shot up freighter just inside the Romulan Neutral Zone.  They are beamed so safety aboard the Enterprise just as the ship finally explodes.  (And note, this another reference to the Romulans who we have still not seen on this show).  The Klingons do their best to work on Worf and get him on side by appealing to the Klingon side of his nature, trying to tell him that the peace between the Federation and the Klingons is making the Klingon heart wither and die.  It turns out the freighter they were on was attacked by another Klingon vessel.  Then the Klingon Command gets in touch with the Enterprise and alert Picard to the fugitive status of his “guests”.  The Klingons try to take hostages but are soon put into holding cells, but they have weapons concealed in parts of their clothing which they assemble and use to escape (killing two security guards).  One of the Klingons also dies but the Captain makes it to engineering and threatens to shoot the dilithium chamber which would destroy the ship.  Worf shoots him dead.

This is the first time we get to hear the details of Worf’s back story – the attack at Khitomer, his adoption by human parents.  This will be gone into in a lot more detail as the series goes on – later on in the run Worf’s father is accused of betraying Khitomer and causing the attack.

It is also the first decent Klingon episode, and these guys come across as the proper death or glory type chaps who we know from the films.  We have had only one member of crew die in the series so far – and that was an accident – but here these guys kill two security guards in cold blood.

There are a couple of dodgy points – the moment the two surviving Klingons reveal the truth about their background, Worf should have reported it immediately to someone and he did not.  Also, there is a moment of truly shockingly bad acting from Denise Crosby – Picard orders her to the transporter room, and she does not move until he says something else.  She waited for him to complete his line, when actually if it was a real situation you would not have known the second part of the comment was coming and Tasha would have set off for the transporter room as soon as Picard told her to leave.  I’m surprised the director did not pick up on this, it looks truly shit.

But these are minor points.  It is not a complex story, but the acting is good and the story solid.  You appreciate for the first time that there is more to the Klingons than you might think, that the alliance is not perceived as a good thing by all of them.  It’s a good introduction to this race on this show, and more is coming!

Crew Deaths: 2
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 3
Score: 7/10


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  1. It was good overall, but in a rescue operation they want to idly spend time testing Geordi’s new camera gadget that’s forgotten forevermore?

    Otherwise, for being so early on in the show, it is remarkably solid – especially with the Klingon lore.

    Comment by DPC | May 13, 2010 | Reply

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