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Star Trek: The Next Generation 1.21 (Symbiosis)

Richard Lineback(Romas)
Merritt Butrick(T’Jon)
Judson Scott(Sobi)
Kimberly Farr(Langor)

Writers: Robert Lewin, Hans Beimler, Richard Manning

This episode is based on an interesting idea (so interesting, in fact, apparently Denise Crosby asked to be in this one, even though the episode in which she died had already been recorded!)  However, as usual with promising episodes from this early on in the series, it is delivered rather badly.

The Enterprise rescue some people from a ship which is about to crash.  When they are unable to help them fix it and the ship burns up, they sacrifice some of the crew to beam a container with a drug in it.  It all turns out that the two planets in this system have a symbiotic relationship (hence the title).  One lot produce a drug which is the cure to a plague that the others are suffering from.  But it turns out to be a narcotic and the symptoms that the addicts think is the start of their deaths is nothing more than withdrawal symptoms and the plague does not exist.

This episode contains two actors from The Wrath of Khan– Merritt Butrick (who played Kirks son David, and Judson Scott who played Khan’s Lieutenant).

The idea is sound, the delivery is very dull.  Coupled with the fact that both races have an ability to electrocute each other with their bare hands and you are left with a silly, inconsequential story with almost no merit.

A nice idea, wasted.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 3
Score: 4/10


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  1. I had no idea Ms. Crosby asked to be in this one… I recall her dialogue with Wesley (aka “Wonderboy” for the first season where he always saves the ship when all of the adults are too thick to be able to tie their shoelaces).

    I agree – a good concept is let down by dullness. A shame as the first 15 minutes are good, with the solar flares and the addicts preferring to have the cargo transported before themselves (to the shock of all on the Enterprise)

    Judson Scott also was a recurring character in the best-forgotten “V” show on NBC (1985). He seems to crop up often as villain types – while not the best of characters, he has a certain style that oozes malevolence. His part in Trek II was small, but he played it well…

    Comment by DPC | May 13, 2010 | Reply

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