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Star Trek: The Next Generation 2.4 (The Outrageous Okona)

Whoopi Goldberg(Guinan)
Bill Campbell(Captain Thadiun Okona)
Douglas Rowe(Debin)
Albert Stratton(Kushell)
Rosalind Allen(Yanar)
Kieran Mulroney(Benzan)
Teri Hatcher(Lt. Bronwyn G. Robinson)
Joe Piscopo (The Comic)

Writers: David Lansberg, Lance Dickson, Les Menchen, Burton Armus

I can only be blunt.  I bloody hate this episode.  This is probably the main reason that I have been sluggish watching the last ten episodes or so, because I knew this damned thing was on the horizon.

It almost literally has no redeeming features.  There are two plot strands, and they are both as annoying as hell.  The first is about a ship Captain called Okona who two planets are demanding as a prisoner (the Enterprise have rescued him and repaired his ship) – one because he is a thief, the other because he has fathered the child of the daughter of the leader of the planet.  This one can believe, because Okona spends his first couple of hours having sex with various female crew members (including a very young looking, pre Desperate Housewives, indeed pre Superman Teri Hatcher).  You just want to smack Okona and send him on his way, yet every member of the Enterprise crew he runs into seems to find him really witty and charming.  No!  He’s a tit!

That’s bad.  If anything, the other storyline is worse.  Okona comments on Data’s lack of ability to understand humour, which Data talks over with Guinan.  She decides he is not funny at all (well, not when he’s trying to be) so suggests a comedy course on the Holodeck.  So he meets a comedian, tells some rubbish jokes, makes the audience wants to die with shame and embarrassment, and generally makes you wonder why you are watching this drivel.

It all resolves itself fairly predictably.  The plots are dreadful – this is literally the worst episode so far, and luckily it means that things can only get better!

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 5
Score: 0.5/10


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