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Star Trek 2.8 (I, Mudd)

Roger C. Carmel (Harcourt Fenton “Harry” Mudd)
Richard Tatro (Norman)
Alyce Andrece (Alice #1 through 250)

Rhae Andrece (Alice #251 through 500)
Kay Elliot (Stella Mudd)
Mike Howden (Lt. Rowe)
Michael Zaslow (Ensign Jordan)
Writer: Stephen Kandel, David Gerrold
Oh dear. After a run of decent episodes (apart from Catspaw) we get this utter drivel.
The episode is a sequel to last season’s Mudds Women and sees the return of Harcourt Fenton Mudd (Harry to his friends). He has become trapped on a planet run only by robots, and he uses one of them to infiltrate the Enterprise and divert it to the planet. Then, the robots take over the Enterprise and beams down all the crew. Just as Harry is about to leave, the robots turn on him and he has to stay as well.
The rest of the episode sees the crew attempting to confuse the robots and they eventually get back to the ship.
There is one moment that I quite liked. It is suggested early on that Uhura finds the idea of becoming immortal in the form of an android to be quite seductive, which I thought was out of character for her, so when it is later revealed as a trick I was relieved. The background cast often get a shoddy deal and their characterisation is often not up to much, and had Uhura really decided she wanted to be an android it would have made this shoddy affair just about bearable.
Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 33
Score: 4/10

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Star Trek 1.6 (Mudd’s Women)

First Aired: October 13, 1966

Roger C. Carmel (Harry Mudd)
Karen Steele (I) (Eve McHuron)
Maggie Thrett (Ruth Bonaventure)
Susan Denberg (Magda Kovas)
Jim Goodwin (Lt. John Farrell)
Gene Dynarski (Ben Chilress)
Jon Kowal (Herm Gossett)
Seamon Glass (Benton)
Jerry Foxworth (Security Guard)
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Oh dear. After run of good episodes, along comes this one. Mudd’s women have this immediate effect on the men of the Enterprise – possibly because they can only see them in soft focus. There is something distinctly unsexy about these three women, possibly due to the fashions and what was considered sexy in the sixties. The mens’ reaction is sleazy, stereotypical crap.
We also have a couple of Trek cliches appear here for the first time – McCoys dislike of the transporter as a means of travel, and the “the ship they were on has exploded but they haven’t quite materialised yet” nonsense. Later they call it the pattern stuck in the buffer or some such nonsense.
Kirk confines Mudd to quarters but notes that the women are having an almost hypnotic effect on the men. But at no point does he think of confining them to quarters? No. And why not? Because apparently men from the 23rd century are only capable of thinking with their dicks.
At one point Harry Mudd uses an Enterprise communicator to talk to some miners in advance of arriving. So why didn’t Uhura (who is wearing yellow instead of red for some reason and it really doesn’t suit her!) pick up on this?
Oh, and the women aren’t all they appear to be. Didn’t I see that five episodes ago?
Harry Mudd was probably a great character in his day. Sadly he, like the episode in general, have dated rather badly. This really is not one of the best.
Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 17
Score: 4/10

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