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Star Trek 3.22 (The Savage Curtain)

Nathan Jung(Ghengis Khan)
Carol Daniels Dement (Zora)
Arell Blanton (Lt. Dickerson)
Phillip Pine (Col. Green)
Barry Atwater(Surak)
Robert Herron(Kahless)
Lee Bergere (Abraham Lincoln)

Writer: Arthur Heinemann, Gene Roddenberry

Some rock creatures want to pitch good against evil.  They trick Kirk and Spock down with a fake Abraham Lincoln, join with a fake Surak (a Vulcan historical character) and fight some evil characters from history.  Just like in the first season episode Arena the crew of the Enterprise get to watch what happens on the bridge.  When Kirk refuses to fight the rock monsters somehow trigger a problem in engineering that will destroy the Enterprise in a few hours.

It goes quite quickly (thankfully) but not a lot really happens in this episode.  As far as I know this is the first mention of Surak (who I am sure gets mentioned in future versions of the show) and we also meet legendary Klingon warrior Kahless, who we hear about in the future and get to see in The Next Generation.  So this episode does show us two characters that have a bearing on future shows.

That is the only thing that this episode offers.  The rock creature is embarrassing, the story pointless.  I can’t be bothered to say more.  This is awful.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 52
Score: 3/10


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Star Trek 3.19 (Requiem for Methuselah)

James Daly (Flint)
Louise Sorel(Rayna Kapec)

Writer: Jerome Bixby

Yes, we have another piss poor episode as this once great series lurches onwards towards its tragic cancellation.  The premise seems to be okay – the deadly Rigellian Fever is rampant aboard the Enterprise – three crew are already dead, most are infected and things are looking grim.  Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a planet where an unprocessed mineral (Ryetalyn) can be made into a cure, the problem is that the planet is occupied by Flint – and old chap, and Rayner, a girl he claims to have adopted.

Straight off, this episode pisses me off.  The crew are dying, and Flint clearly finds the “relationship” between Rayna and Kirk annoying.  Spock points this out to Kirk – Flint stands in the way of them and the cure but Kirk cannot resist trying to take her away from Flint, even though there is a strong chance it will cost the lives of everyone on the Enterprise.  For Gods sake stop thinking with your libido, man!  Rayner turns out to be an android made for Flint by himself – the reason for this is he is immortal.  (In a nice crossover, the story he tells of the way he didn’t die from an injury sounds exactly what we see in the Highlander films).  It turns out he was Brahms, and Moses, and a lot of other people from history.

He also has very advanced science – in a scene reminiscent of the scene that pissed me off from Catspaw in season two, he shrinks the Enterprise down and sticks it on a table.  And with all of this shit going on, he still tries to take Rayner away from Flint – this time by arguing that she is as human as any real human and thus has the same right to choose.  YOUR WHOLE CREW IS SITTING THERE IN A SHRUNKEN ENTERPRISE DYING IN FRONT OF YOU YOU UTTER TIT.  FORGET HER.

Then, at the end, as Kirk mourns her, Spock erases the pain from his mind with a mind meld.  Without permission.  Aren’t there rules about that sort of thing?

Drivel.  Utter drivel.  Still, not that many to go now!

Crew Deaths: 3
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 52
Score: 2/10

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Star Trek 3.6 (Spectre of the Gun)

Ron Soble (Wyatt Earp)
Bonnie Beecher (Sylvia)
Charles Maxwell (Virgil Earp)
Rex Holman (Morgan Earp)
Sam Gilman(Doc Holliday)
Charles Seel (Ed)
Bill Zuckert (Johnny Behan)
Abraham Sofaer(voice of Melkotian)

Writer: Gene L. Coon

Star Trek visits the Gunfight at the OK Corral.  Badly.

Kirk ignores a warning to keep away from a planet and annoys the aliens in control, so the five people end up in being told they will be executed by something out of Kirks mind.  Then suddenly they are in the OK Corral, and everybody thinks they are the Clantons – the people that lost the famous gunfight.

There is something interesting about the design of this episode.  Instead of filming on a back lot, the whole thing is shot on a soundstage – but there are bits missing.  For example, they go into a bar, and the doors are there, and the tables, and drinks, but no walls – you can see outside.  There is even a picture just hanging in the air, appearing not to be supported by anything.  And instead of having blue sky and clouds, the sky is just red.  It doesn’t look real, but then it’s not meant to.  It is unique – perhaps it was just a cost saving thing, but it does give the episode a unique feel – the place just feels empty, even though there are plenty of characters running around.

Checkovs behaviour in this episode is annoying.  He falls for this woman in the perfect knowledge that she doesn’t exist, that she is all part of the elaborate execution scenario that the Melkotians have set up for them.  It does get him shot and killed, but he doesn’t really die as he is alive again by the end of the episode.

The laws of physics do not seem to apply here, when Spock creates a grenade that releases a gas that should incapacitate, it doesn’t work.

It is an interesting tale, but it doesn’t really work.  It is actually very slow to watch and rather boring.  And the ending is rubbish – since the laws of physics do not apply, if you believe that the bullets are not real they cannot kill you.  Since the only person who is certain of this fact is Spock, he melds with them all – and I may be wrong, but this is the first time we hear “my mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts” when the meld is conducted.

So they all survive, the only bit I like is when Earp and crew shoot at them, and the bullets pass through them and smash the woodwork behind them.

And in the end it all turned out to be a test, and because Kirk didn’t kill, even when provoked by the (apparent) death of one of his own, the aliens then welcome them to their planet.  Not one of the best.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 45
Score: 4/10

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