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Star Trek 2.15 (The Trouble with Tribbles)

William Schallert (Nilz Baris)
William Campbell (Capt. Koloth)
Stanl (Cyrano Jones)
Whit Bissell (Mr. Lurry)
Michael Pataki (Korax)
Edwin Reimers (Adm. Fitzpatrick)
Charlie Brill (Arne Darvin)
Guy Raymond (Trader)

Writer: David Gerrold

This is a classic episode, celebrated as one of the better classic Trek episodes.  The story is about Space Station K7, which is storing some grain which is going to be vital to defeat famine in the near future.  There are Klingons also on the station, whom Kirk is powerless to remove fdue to the organian treaty.

Then, of course, there are the Tribbles.  Cute little balls of fluff that reproduce so quickly that when Uhura brings just one aboard the Enterprise there are soon thousands, as they are literally born pregnant.  And whilst there are loads aboard the Enterprise, there are even more aboard the station.

The episode is played for laughs.  Kirk seems to think that guarding grain is beneath him, and whilst he obeys his orders, he is finding it very difficult to take things seriously.  The Klingons and the Enterprise crew eventually end up in a brawl – Scotty manages to ignore the insults aimed at Kirk from the Klingons and holds the others back.  Until the moment where the Klingon slags off the Enterprise, at which point Scotty throws the first punch.  It is actually a funny moment that works – so much so that we revisit it in Deep Space Nine where we find out O’Brien and Bashir were also involved.

The scenes on both the Enterprise and K7 with fluffy tribbles littering the set are hilarious, as is the scene where hundreds fall from the grain hatch onto the Captain.  The final revelation that a Klingon agent was aboard who masqueraded as a human, and that Tribbles hate Klingons, is funny, but not half as funny as when Scotty beams all the Tribbles onto the Klingon ship.

This is the only episode from the original series that is played entirely for laughs (there are some that should have been but weren’t) and it really works.  Everyone rises to the occasion, the timing is spot on and it’s just a great, fun episode.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 40
Score: 8/10


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