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Star Trek 2.4 (Mirror Mirror)

Barbara Luna (Lt. Marlena Moreau)
Garth Pillsbury (Wilson)
Pete Kellett (Farrell)

Writer: Jerome Bixby

Every now and then there comes an episode from the original series that merits the hype that surrounds it. This is one of those.

The creation of the Mirror universe, with it’s differences (some huge, some tiny) is a work of genius, and the imagery from the episode has been lampooned on many occasions (I point you to the episode of South Park where you only know characters are from an alternative, evil universe because of their beards) and even though the story is very simple, it is compelling. Okay, so you know that the changes made to the uniforms and set design are minimal, but they are fasctinating much the same. It is almost a shame that this was not a two parter that featured more of the “evil” versions on “our” Enterprise (not going mad with anger as was shown here) but there are also some cool similarities – the fact that Spock is not as nasty as some of the others in this universe actually makes sense, had it not then the end of the story would have been quite ridiculous.
This was such a huge success that Deep Space Nine revisited this universe on several occasions (some episodes were great, some just plain silly) and even Enterprise went here as a kind of prequel in its final season.
So, all in all, a really enjoyable episode. Loads of crewmembers died, but sadly none of them count as they were in the other universe!
Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 30
Score: 8/10

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Star Trek 1.27 (The Alternative Factor)

Eddie Paskey (Lt. Leslie)

Robert Brown (XI) (Lazarus)
Janet MacLachlan (Lt. Charlene Masters)
Richard Derr (Commodore Barstow)
Arch Whiting (Assistant Engineer)
Christian Patrick (Transporter Chief)
Writer: Don Ingalls
Hey, I’m back. (Wanting to watch a Trek episode on my new TV had nothing to do with it, honest!) This is an interesting episode. It’s one of those average shows – it’s not awful but it’s not great. The central idea, that two identical looking guys from opposite universes (presumably one ours, one other) are locked in a fight, the ramifications of which are creating instability across the entire galaxy and beyond. The Enterprise is closest, so they draw the short straw to investigate.
Obviously, what is happening is not immediately revealed – Lazarus initially just looks like a schizoid nutter – but I liked the idea that they cross the universes though what is described as a tunnel that is like a “safety valve”. Having watched the Doctor Who story “Logopolis” recently, the concept sounds rather like the CVE that is used to cross into another universe, but I suspect that they didn’t nick it from here as the way the idea is used is very different.
Some silly stuff here. Lazarus is supposed to be this violent, dodgy geezer, yet they let him run around the Enterprise rather than keeping him locked up. And curiously, the scene set in the alternative universe is filmed on a soundstage rather than the location used for the scenes set in our universe. I don’t really understand why – surely it would have been cheaper just to film this sequence when they were on location? Or maybe someone thought the look had to be different enough so that even the stupid viewed could pick up on what was actually going on.
So, an okay concept averagely executed.
Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 26
Score: 6/10

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