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Star Trek: The Next Generation 1.15 (Too Short a Season)

Michael Pataki (Karnas)
Clayton Rohner (Admiral Mark Jameson)
Marsha Hunt (Anne Jameson)

Writer: Michael Michaelin

Another fairly dreadful first season episode for The Next Generation.  The basic plot is that an old, ill admiral (Jameson) is needed to negotiate a peace treaty.  So he can complete these negotaitions he has taken an overdose of a drug that is supposed to reduce his age.  (In fact, he even took the dose he actually bought for his wife as well).  Throughout the course of the episode he gets younger and younger until the drugs kill him.  This is a rubbish plot, and the fact that the ageing makeup isn’t that good really does not help, especially as he is actually played by an actor in his mid twenties and his wife is played by someone who is as old as he is meant to be.  And the actor carries himself like a young man pretending to be a young man.  It really isn’t a very convincing performance.

So, as the Admiral gets better and younger Beverly is suspicious – the disease isn’t one that you are supposed to recover from.

And of course the idiot is not really in the right condition to do the negotiations when the Enterprise does arrive at the planet, it all turns out that the person who called him to the planet to negotiate (Karnas) is actually the person who has the hostages, and the whole thing has been a set up to get Admiral Jameson to the planet – Karnas wants revenge for something that happened in the past.

It all ends with Jameson beaming downand dying in front of Karnas (although at first Karnas does not beleive it is him, as he looks so young!) 

Then the first season of TNG was released on rental VHS in the UK, (before the good old BBC picked it up three years after it started!) all but two episodes were released.  For some unfathomable reason, this was one of the two.  (That was sacrasm, by the way.)

The plot is crap.  The acting is crap.  I can’t be bothered to go into any more detail apart from one word: avoid.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 1
Score: 2/10


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