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Star Trek 3.1 (Spock’s Brain)

Marj Dusay (Kara)
James Daris(Morg)
Sheila Leighton(Luma)

Writer: Gene L. Coon

Spock’s Brain has been stolen from his body.  And they have twenty four hours to find it and restore it or his body will not even stay alive on the life support system.  Yes, really.

It gets sillier.  When they locate the place the brain is, they take Spock with them, his arms and legs operated by a remote control so he can walk around.  Yes, really.

It’s all played so seriously.  I have read somewhere that the shows new producer really didn’t like shows that were played for laughs (such as last seasons The Trouble with Tribbles) so he decided that the show could be taken more seriously.  And that is why this episode is so utterly shit – had it been played for laughs they actually might have got away with such a silly story.

Another wonderful cliche turns up in this episode – the spectre of yet another rock throwing, primitive culture rears its ugly head.

They people on the planet are using the brain to run their city – and they are not advanced as they don’t have to be.  They can be taught, using a teaching machine, to do certain things – for example one learned how to do the surgery on Spock to remove his brain – but the knowledge only lasts a few hours.  And this is how this daft episode is resolved – McCoy downloads the knowledge, put the brain back and everything is hunky dory.  Oh, but he loses the knowledge halfway through but still manages to fix the brain back into place.  Oh, and he connects Spocks vocal cords first so Spock can talk him through the rest of the operation.  Utter crap.

The title logo has changed from this episode – from the old yellow to blue.  Scotty has also done something daft with his hair on this episode – perhaps they should have called the episode Scotty’s Hair.

Just laugh at it.  Then your brain might not explode.

Crew Deaths: 0
Total Crew Deaths So Far: 43
Score: 2/10


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